Sunday, February 28, 2010

Berkshire Bedding

Day 2 Part III: Texas A&M, College Station TX &
Day 3: Texas A&M, College Station TX

Last night we stayed at Stephen's dorm. We watched a really interesting show called Locked Up. It was about women in prison, and there was special coverage on the two women who developed a relationship while in prison. One of the two women was being released from prison, and she was sad to leave her prison lover behind. Heartbreaking. 

I possibly had the best night sleep ever. I slept in Stephen's roommates bed who had this super expensive Berkshire Bedding and a great mattress topper. To add to the pleasure Stephen had this nature alarm clock, and we went to bed listening to the ocean. It was so peaceful.. that is until my fiesta style ringtone broke the calmness. However once I saw who the caller was I was significantly less irritated. shortly after I slipped into a very peaceful sleep where I awoke this morning with the waves still going. Before we went to sleep though we all talked like 1o year old girls at a sleep over. I felt out of place though because I didn't have my retainer in... therefore I didn't have a slight lisp like stephen and galen. It was cute 8)

Stephen, Galen and I went and ate at this place called Layne's. It was rather good. Loved the toast and the sauce. We went back to Stephen's dorm where he got ready for his concert and left. Galen and I stayed behind. I again fell asleep in the magic Berkshire blankets. We later went to Stephen and Jessica's band concert. They were very good. It made me miss playing music. 

We are now back in Clear Lake watching "I Love You, Man." It is nice to finally relax for the first time since friday. 

All in all, I loved A&M. Makes me not want to go back to Michigan. But I know I have to... and I know there are reasons why I want to.  

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Open Arms

Day 2 Part II: Texas A&M, College Station TX

Tonight we decided to go see an A Cappella show. I was neutral about going, not excited but not not excited, however I ended up witnessing some of the best vocal performances I have ever heard in my life.

The first group wasn't too special. They weren't bad, but they weren't amazing. It was A&M's all girl a cappella group. I'm not really a fan of all girl anything... but they were a nice ice breaker. The sang one of my favorite songs, "Falling for You" by Colbie Callait. The second group was absolutely amazing. They performed what was and will perhaps be my favorite rendition of Gaga's "Bad Romance." It was nothing short of absolutely amazing. They also did Open Arms which completely touched my heart. I felt like the guy singing it was singing directly to me. They got a standing o. I love that song in general. It was so good. The concert continued to go on, and other groups performed but nothing really compared to that first group of all guys, but still the show was great. The final group was pretty good too. This one girl sounded and looked just like Jordan Sparks. She truly has a gift. Some of the soloists in the show were just phenomenal.

The final piece was a collaboration of all of A&M's a cappella groups and they sang the glee version of "Somebody to Love." It was great. Great show in general and I left extremely impressed and didn't even care that I had to pay $5 to get in. Galen also "Saved the Music" and donated to the White Box.

We are currently in Galen & Jessica's friend steph/ven's dorm (not sure if it's PH or V). The dorms here are great compared to umich. I love the retro look. Pretty chill night. Much needed. Sometimes I wish I didn't have a cell phone.

Oh I almost forgot to mention that we ate at this place called Freebirds. It was sooo good. I made the mistake to get the "red one" which was a cyan wrap. It was soo spicy, but so good.

Until Tomorrow


p.s. I've also decided I have a blogging addiction that is worse than FB

We're Like the Same Person.....

Day 2 Part I: Texas A&M, College Station TX

Today at A&M has been much more chill. We woke up a little late, around 11ish. It was a nice slow start to the day. Galen, Jessica, and I ate at this place called Fitzwilly's and I had probably the best chicken burger I have ever had. It was amazing. The place itself was really cool too. However there were a bunch of dead mounted animals.

While we were eating I commented on how different people are down here. Everyone just seems so approachable (except the bitter UT fans after the game) and it is so refreshing. Maybe it is just the sun or maybe it's the southern upbringing... whatever it is though I highly enjoy the pleasantness of people here at A&M. I can't say I am in any rush to get back to Michigan.

Galen's friend Jessica, who after this weekend I suppose can be considered my friend as well, we are basically the same person. We came to a conclusion that that is why Galen likes me so much.. because I remind her of Jessica. Some similarities we share are... 1)left handed, 2)play the oboe, 3)can get sloppy, 4) had a "friendly" first semester, 5)lightweights..... 6)...that have to be watched by Galen 7)settled down a bit this semester because of someone worth chilling out for,
8)have the same sheets from target, 9) can have some women encounters to deter creepers and 10) have a slight fetish for military name a few.

Jessica took us on a tour of A&M's campus.. and it was very very nice. Beautiful day and sunny. We laid out on this thing called the grassy nole. It felt great to feel real sun. A&M had an awesome upset in the UT game. We were yelled at by UT fans... that wasn't very nice. We also went shopping and I got a cute gray A&M shirt, and we all got matching A&M shot glasses. Later tonight we are going to an Acappellooza event here on campus. Should be a pleasant night. As of now we are leaving to go eat at this place called Freebirds. I was told it is the original one.


What Happens in the Warehouse....Stays in the Warehouse Houston: Day 1

Day 1: DTW Airport, Houston, College Station

For the next 8 days or whatever, this blog will solely serve as a play by play of my trip to Houston, TX and all the interesting things that are bound to happen. It has only been one day here in the Lonestar state and I have had interesting experiences even before left DTW Airport.

First, as soon as we got to the airport in Detroit security was terrible. It was approximately an hour wait. There were a lot of men from Michigan State's Track and Field team in line. I have never traveled without my parents before, and I was a bit nervous. We finally reach the scanner things and of course my bag beeped. They had to swab it down with some weird thing and they asked me what was in it. I forgot I had a huge tube of lotion. Dumb. I then realized I had lost my charger so I went and got a new one at the wireless store. $42.37 and an un-returnable charger later I am not a happy person. Anyway... we boarded the plane and the lady says my bag is too big and I'll have to check it... but then she changed her mind. Totally underestimated the size of the overhead things.. and had to take a bunch of shit out of my bag so it would fit. Luckily Tristan was there to shove it in.

Galen and I passed out on the plane for about 30 mins then woke up just in time for snacks and pop and then proceeded to make a video that I will post once we leave A&M. The end of the plane ride got really bumpy. I was slightly scared. However we landed and everything was fine. We were greeted by Galen's mom who looks a lot like her so I was able to pick her out. As we were driving down the highway the overhead highway things were so interesting. They were so high and criss crossy. So confusing. I think when Satish, Christina, and I come to visit in May we will be extremely confused with these things. On the topic of highways the driving here is so crazy. Everyone goes so fast and whips things around. Scary.

We got to Galen's house to stay there for only a short period of time before we left for Texas A&M. We got lost along the way but still made good time. I met Galen's high school friend Jessica, who by the way, is one of the sweetest girls, and she aided the interesting pathway for our first night in College Station. Once we finally reached Jessica's dorm I was so jealous. They were so big and nice and have a bathroom in the room which came in handy later in the evening.

We went to this sushi place where I got this chicken dish but it was gross. We went back to the dorm and got ready to go out.. but first we went to this guy's dorm room within the residence hall. As soon as we walked in I felt like I was put directly into a world that was like Willy Wonka meets Alice in Wonderland. There was a hooka thing and a ton of other beverages.. and some "other" substances. We sat around and I was a little nervous because there was a strobe going on.. but it was okay. This girl, who will remain nameless not only for her own sake but because I dont remember it, tried this hallucinogen called salvia. Apparently it is legal but I dont expect it to be fore long. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen. It hit her immediately and she was trying to talk but she couldnt and kept feeling her face. She then fell down and hit her head on the desk. She proceeded to roll around feeling herself and everything around. Once she pulled herself out of her trip she described feeling as if she left for a few hours and saw orange gnome thing..and I guess she saw a letter "A" but it was just any letter A it was a real A. I don't know what that means. So after that whole thing we were a little creeped and smoked out by this sketch guy so we left to go get ready....and this is where it got really sketchy but so adventurous.

We drove like 10 minutes to get to this party in the middle of nowhere. We were in this red Tahoe and had approximately 9 people shoved in it. We got to this party where we were greeted by a man in a lion suit. It was at an abandoned warehouse where the only way you could get in was over these wooden planks. As we walk in there was this mass of men. There was literally a car in this garage/warehouse thing and a heater thing with tires to stand on to reach it. There was a tarp on the opposite side of the warehouse and we were all a little nervous to find out what was behind it. We decided to be adventurous and find we walked behind it and it was all glowing with things. Looked like a much smaller version of Sigma Chi's Equinox in the Forest. We hardly stayed in there so we went back into the more warehouse-y part of the party and got some beverages. I went to get a drink and literally all these guys just got out of the way and argued who would pour as soon as I walked up. It was much appreciated and time efficient. However Galen and Jessica got some trash can punch which made me want to throw up just looking at it. We proceeded to talk to some interesting people.. one from Ireland, one who was a prospective UT Law, and a bunch of others in costumes. We were asked if we were in high school at one point... that wasn't appreciated. We took some liquid off of this luge thing which apparently in Texas is called a Shot Block...that was fun except when Jessica and I had red stuff running down our chins because they were so numb. We rounded up the other girls that we had went with and decided to leave. The Tahoe decided to get stuck in the mud...but luckily there were some southern gents in a huge ass truck to pull us out. That was also much appreciated. However we made it back very safely and it was nice to have a bathroom in Jessica's room. Blowing up the air mattress was an adventure too by the end of the night and we were greeted once again by the sketch guy who looked a little worse the second time. Most of the days following this will probably not be as long of a post... but we just had so much that has happened.

All in all it was a very interestingly successful day. If this is any prediction as to what the rest of my trip will be like.. I'm excited. 2/26/10.

Here is a Video 

From College Station, 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ain't Nothing Open Past Midnight 'Cept Some Legs

As the second contributor to this blog I felt as if it was finally time that I made an appearance**; 

Our latest mixer was with Phi Delt, which happened to be their new member carry-in. Things got a little sloppy as "beverages" were handed out to everyone in sight. The theme was 80's-90's.. and let me tell you we genuinely appreciated it. It was nice wearing sneakers with no tight pants or short skirts. We were then herded onto charter buses where my Crown Sis, who later in the night became my "Sister Crown" bonded a little more. It was nice. Whirley Ball was a success, and I am sure everyone was thankful that the go-karts were not real vehicles. Each game became a little bit more difficult. It seemed like the cars just wanted to drive themselves and the ball wouldn't stay in the scooper thing. That may have been the case.. or it may have been just me. Regardless, it was an entertaining night to say the least. 

The mixer prior to Phi Delt was DX, in which I made an executive decision to stay sober for. I wasn't too happy to begin with having to dress like it was 75 degrees out. I honestly didn't give a shit what these DX guys thought of me so I made another decision to wear sweats and Uggs up until the front door seeing how I didn't have an internal blanket of vodka to keep me warm. I thought I'd feel stupid until I saw my sisters freezing there asses off and having difficulty balancing their 3 inches pumps on the slippery sidewalk. At this point I was extremely thankful that Santa brought me a hefty sized Coach purse that I could keep my shoes in.

After we got to DX I realized how awkward it was to be one of the only completely sober people there not including the sober monitors of course. This guy, who will remain nameless for his own sake, started conversation with me by saying "Hey do you live on North?!?!" Us north campus people have instant empathy for one another.. thus our conversing continued on through out the night. He of course, wasn't sober like myself, and it made for interesting conversation. But as the night went on, and I mean like only an hour or so later, Bethel came and told me it was time to go.. I had no opposition for leaving.. however nameless boy did. It wouldn't be the last time I would see him that night. I left with my sisters and my sisters only, so don't get any ideas that I like took this guy home or anything... he proved to do that on his own (this will be explained later on). So seeing how DX got a little awkward, me and my closest sisters decided to wrap up the night at Sigma Chi.  However.. it only started the night. 

The events that happened between leaving DX, getting to Sigma Chi, being at Sigma Chi, and finally making it back to North are irrelevant. I was greeted shortly after arriving back to North by a friendly neighbor whose greeting was gladly welcomed. Only minutes into enjoying my neighbors company did I hear banging on the door. I peeked through the eye hole and low and behold... it was the guy from DX. Must have told him where I lived indirectly? Doesn't matter it.. was stetch so I went out.. convinced him I was fine..he left.. and I returned to my company. 

The next morning one of my sisters sat at a table that this DX guy was at.. and apparently he was talking about me. Things were said to buds like "man I totally thought I was gonna get some" or "she was so drunk and into me and then I went to her room to find another guy in there.. I was pissed." Remind you.. since I had not had any alcohol at DX, I had to laugh not only at the content of things he was saying, but the fact that he was stupid enough to not realize my highly distinguishable sister sitting only seats down from him. I guess the moral of this story is that if you are staying sober and don't want to put out.. just sit in a corner and don't talk. Apparently time invested talking= time invested talking in other ways than with one's mouth. Good to know. 

I tend to read into things way too much.........

*The sole purpose of this blog is to serve as a conscience of some sort, so perhaps while engaging in greek life socials or activities, we will think before we proceed

*As another disclaimer, for those who can't pick up on the sarcasm, the title of this blog is not what me and my blogging partner CONSIDER ourselves, but what we are NOT becoming.

Monday, February 1, 2010

No Pank, No Drank

About a month ago, my fraternity hosted a party at our house called the "Pank Party" where everyone in attendance had to wear pink. The motto was "no pank, no drank". It was the go-to frat party of that night, and the place was packed to capacity 20 minutes after we opened the doors to the 'studious' students of our school. It was my turn to sober monitor at the party, so I have full recollection of all the mayhem that took place that night.

For the most part, the party ran smoothly. Until some girl decided to climb through a window to get into another small room of the house. Why she went, I have no idea. The only thing in there was a very old table. I say 'was' because as the drunken girl tried to hop over the window, she tripped and fell on top of the beer-soaked table, snapping it in half. As a sober monitor, it was my job to make sure everyone is safe, so I rushed over towards the window to see if she was ok. My unasked question of "Are you still alive?" was immediately answered, as the girl got up and started dancing on the window sill like the 'classy' girls from Deja Vu.

For bigger parties like that, we try to keep reckless insanity to a minimum. So that's all that happened, as far as destruction goes. I ended up spending most of my time monitoring the dance floor. Not too tough. Only thing I had to do was tell this one 7-foot monster to stop jumping up-and-down because he would break our house if he continued.

After that was taken care of, I continued to walk through the crowd, taking care of various small problems. There was one thing that kept happening every time I entered the mosh pit: girls kept grabbing my hand as I passed by, without even looking to see who I was. I have nothing against girls wanting to dance with a completely random guy. But if you're going to dance and possibly (and by 'possibly', I mean 'probably') make out with someone, you should have a look at them before you grab their hand. But I guess a lot of girls don't really care about that kind of stuff any more. As a girl named Carla, who I recently met, stated before we all went out together, "I just wanna make out tonight. I don't care who it is, or what he looks like. I just wanna make out."

That's why we are the Leaders and the Best.