Saturday, February 27, 2010

What Happens in the Warehouse....Stays in the Warehouse Houston: Day 1

Day 1: DTW Airport, Houston, College Station

For the next 8 days or whatever, this blog will solely serve as a play by play of my trip to Houston, TX and all the interesting things that are bound to happen. It has only been one day here in the Lonestar state and I have had interesting experiences even before left DTW Airport.

First, as soon as we got to the airport in Detroit security was terrible. It was approximately an hour wait. There were a lot of men from Michigan State's Track and Field team in line. I have never traveled without my parents before, and I was a bit nervous. We finally reach the scanner things and of course my bag beeped. They had to swab it down with some weird thing and they asked me what was in it. I forgot I had a huge tube of lotion. Dumb. I then realized I had lost my charger so I went and got a new one at the wireless store. $42.37 and an un-returnable charger later I am not a happy person. Anyway... we boarded the plane and the lady says my bag is too big and I'll have to check it... but then she changed her mind. Totally underestimated the size of the overhead things.. and had to take a bunch of shit out of my bag so it would fit. Luckily Tristan was there to shove it in.

Galen and I passed out on the plane for about 30 mins then woke up just in time for snacks and pop and then proceeded to make a video that I will post once we leave A&M. The end of the plane ride got really bumpy. I was slightly scared. However we landed and everything was fine. We were greeted by Galen's mom who looks a lot like her so I was able to pick her out. As we were driving down the highway the overhead highway things were so interesting. They were so high and criss crossy. So confusing. I think when Satish, Christina, and I come to visit in May we will be extremely confused with these things. On the topic of highways the driving here is so crazy. Everyone goes so fast and whips things around. Scary.

We got to Galen's house to stay there for only a short period of time before we left for Texas A&M. We got lost along the way but still made good time. I met Galen's high school friend Jessica, who by the way, is one of the sweetest girls, and she aided the interesting pathway for our first night in College Station. Once we finally reached Jessica's dorm I was so jealous. They were so big and nice and have a bathroom in the room which came in handy later in the evening.

We went to this sushi place where I got this chicken dish but it was gross. We went back to the dorm and got ready to go out.. but first we went to this guy's dorm room within the residence hall. As soon as we walked in I felt like I was put directly into a world that was like Willy Wonka meets Alice in Wonderland. There was a hooka thing and a ton of other beverages.. and some "other" substances. We sat around and I was a little nervous because there was a strobe going on.. but it was okay. This girl, who will remain nameless not only for her own sake but because I dont remember it, tried this hallucinogen called salvia. Apparently it is legal but I dont expect it to be fore long. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen. It hit her immediately and she was trying to talk but she couldnt and kept feeling her face. She then fell down and hit her head on the desk. She proceeded to roll around feeling herself and everything around. Once she pulled herself out of her trip she described feeling as if she left for a few hours and saw orange gnome thing..and I guess she saw a letter "A" but it was just any letter A it was a real A. I don't know what that means. So after that whole thing we were a little creeped and smoked out by this sketch guy so we left to go get ready....and this is where it got really sketchy but so adventurous.

We drove like 10 minutes to get to this party in the middle of nowhere. We were in this red Tahoe and had approximately 9 people shoved in it. We got to this party where we were greeted by a man in a lion suit. It was at an abandoned warehouse where the only way you could get in was over these wooden planks. As we walk in there was this mass of men. There was literally a car in this garage/warehouse thing and a heater thing with tires to stand on to reach it. There was a tarp on the opposite side of the warehouse and we were all a little nervous to find out what was behind it. We decided to be adventurous and find we walked behind it and it was all glowing with things. Looked like a much smaller version of Sigma Chi's Equinox in the Forest. We hardly stayed in there so we went back into the more warehouse-y part of the party and got some beverages. I went to get a drink and literally all these guys just got out of the way and argued who would pour as soon as I walked up. It was much appreciated and time efficient. However Galen and Jessica got some trash can punch which made me want to throw up just looking at it. We proceeded to talk to some interesting people.. one from Ireland, one who was a prospective UT Law, and a bunch of others in costumes. We were asked if we were in high school at one point... that wasn't appreciated. We took some liquid off of this luge thing which apparently in Texas is called a Shot Block...that was fun except when Jessica and I had red stuff running down our chins because they were so numb. We rounded up the other girls that we had went with and decided to leave. The Tahoe decided to get stuck in the mud...but luckily there were some southern gents in a huge ass truck to pull us out. That was also much appreciated. However we made it back very safely and it was nice to have a bathroom in Jessica's room. Blowing up the air mattress was an adventure too by the end of the night and we were greeted once again by the sketch guy who looked a little worse the second time. Most of the days following this will probably not be as long of a post... but we just had so much that has happened.

All in all it was a very interestingly successful day. If this is any prediction as to what the rest of my trip will be like.. I'm excited. 2/26/10.

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From College Station, 

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