Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ain't Nothing Open Past Midnight 'Cept Some Legs

As the second contributor to this blog I felt as if it was finally time that I made an appearance**; 

Our latest mixer was with Phi Delt, which happened to be their new member carry-in. Things got a little sloppy as "beverages" were handed out to everyone in sight. The theme was 80's-90's.. and let me tell you we genuinely appreciated it. It was nice wearing sneakers with no tight pants or short skirts. We were then herded onto charter buses where my Crown Sis, who later in the night became my "Sister Crown" bonded a little more. It was nice. Whirley Ball was a success, and I am sure everyone was thankful that the go-karts were not real vehicles. Each game became a little bit more difficult. It seemed like the cars just wanted to drive themselves and the ball wouldn't stay in the scooper thing. That may have been the case.. or it may have been just me. Regardless, it was an entertaining night to say the least. 

The mixer prior to Phi Delt was DX, in which I made an executive decision to stay sober for. I wasn't too happy to begin with having to dress like it was 75 degrees out. I honestly didn't give a shit what these DX guys thought of me so I made another decision to wear sweats and Uggs up until the front door seeing how I didn't have an internal blanket of vodka to keep me warm. I thought I'd feel stupid until I saw my sisters freezing there asses off and having difficulty balancing their 3 inches pumps on the slippery sidewalk. At this point I was extremely thankful that Santa brought me a hefty sized Coach purse that I could keep my shoes in.

After we got to DX I realized how awkward it was to be one of the only completely sober people there not including the sober monitors of course. This guy, who will remain nameless for his own sake, started conversation with me by saying "Hey do you live on North?!?!" Us north campus people have instant empathy for one another.. thus our conversing continued on through out the night. He of course, wasn't sober like myself, and it made for interesting conversation. But as the night went on, and I mean like only an hour or so later, Bethel came and told me it was time to go.. I had no opposition for leaving.. however nameless boy did. It wouldn't be the last time I would see him that night. I left with my sisters and my sisters only, so don't get any ideas that I like took this guy home or anything... he proved to do that on his own (this will be explained later on). So seeing how DX got a little awkward, me and my closest sisters decided to wrap up the night at Sigma Chi.  However.. it only started the night. 

The events that happened between leaving DX, getting to Sigma Chi, being at Sigma Chi, and finally making it back to North are irrelevant. I was greeted shortly after arriving back to North by a friendly neighbor whose greeting was gladly welcomed. Only minutes into enjoying my neighbors company did I hear banging on the door. I peeked through the eye hole and low and behold... it was the guy from DX. Must have told him where I lived indirectly? Doesn't matter it.. was stetch so I went out.. convinced him I was fine..he left.. and I returned to my company. 

The next morning one of my sisters sat at a table that this DX guy was at.. and apparently he was talking about me. Things were said to buds like "man I totally thought I was gonna get some" or "she was so drunk and into me and then I went to her room to find another guy in there.. I was pissed." Remind you.. since I had not had any alcohol at DX, I had to laugh not only at the content of things he was saying, but the fact that he was stupid enough to not realize my highly distinguishable sister sitting only seats down from him. I guess the moral of this story is that if you are staying sober and don't want to put out.. just sit in a corner and don't talk. Apparently time invested talking= time invested talking in other ways than with one's mouth. Good to know. 

I tend to read into things way too much.........

*The sole purpose of this blog is to serve as a conscience of some sort, so perhaps while engaging in greek life socials or activities, we will think before we proceed

*As another disclaimer, for those who can't pick up on the sarcasm, the title of this blog is not what me and my blogging partner CONSIDER ourselves, but what we are NOT becoming.

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