Saturday, February 27, 2010

Open Arms

Day 2 Part II: Texas A&M, College Station TX

Tonight we decided to go see an A Cappella show. I was neutral about going, not excited but not not excited, however I ended up witnessing some of the best vocal performances I have ever heard in my life.

The first group wasn't too special. They weren't bad, but they weren't amazing. It was A&M's all girl a cappella group. I'm not really a fan of all girl anything... but they were a nice ice breaker. The sang one of my favorite songs, "Falling for You" by Colbie Callait. The second group was absolutely amazing. They performed what was and will perhaps be my favorite rendition of Gaga's "Bad Romance." It was nothing short of absolutely amazing. They also did Open Arms which completely touched my heart. I felt like the guy singing it was singing directly to me. They got a standing o. I love that song in general. It was so good. The concert continued to go on, and other groups performed but nothing really compared to that first group of all guys, but still the show was great. The final group was pretty good too. This one girl sounded and looked just like Jordan Sparks. She truly has a gift. Some of the soloists in the show were just phenomenal.

The final piece was a collaboration of all of A&M's a cappella groups and they sang the glee version of "Somebody to Love." It was great. Great show in general and I left extremely impressed and didn't even care that I had to pay $5 to get in. Galen also "Saved the Music" and donated to the White Box.

We are currently in Galen & Jessica's friend steph/ven's dorm (not sure if it's PH or V). The dorms here are great compared to umich. I love the retro look. Pretty chill night. Much needed. Sometimes I wish I didn't have a cell phone.

Oh I almost forgot to mention that we ate at this place called Freebirds. It was sooo good. I made the mistake to get the "red one" which was a cyan wrap. It was soo spicy, but so good.

Until Tomorrow


p.s. I've also decided I have a blogging addiction that is worse than FB

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