Saturday, March 6, 2010

I don't know if you see the way he looks at you....

Day 9 Part I: Clear Lake TX, Houston TX

Today we are getting ready to come home. I am passing the time until we go to the airport talking to Eliana. I feel bad for her because she is all alone in her room with ONE other person in the hall. I think it'd be better if she was the only person instead of that other person being there. Talking to El has really made me miss all my friends back at Michigan. I can't wait to get back and see them. I can't wait until sunday. I think I am going to start paying Eliana for her words of wisdom. She always makes everything make sense, and never fails to remind me of what I already know. 

Galen's Family, Galen, and I are going out for one last meal together on the water. I am slightly sad that I am leaving this beautiful place. However.. my excitement is sooo hard to contain at this point. I wish I could fast forward. I love Texas and have had a fabulous time filled with a ton of laughs, smiles, sun burns, a few tears, and great company. I am so thankful that I had this opportunity to come here, a lot of things got resolved and a lot of things finally came to me. 

The picture above just describes our Spring Break. I don't expect anyone else to understand.

I am excited to be flying into pleasant weather in Michigan. 48 degrees and sunny tomorrow? Wonderful :) :) 

“We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, 
and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours,
 we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness
 and call it love.”

Friday, March 5, 2010

Angelika Please..?.. Up. Just Up.

Day 8: Clear Lake TX, Houston TX, Memorial St. TX

Today I woke up and my shoulder hurt really bad. I then sat around for a good portion of the day and finished up some homework so my time with my mom on Saturday and Sunday will be stress free. So I went to the ATM today.. checked my balance and I have $7.77 to my name. Now.. it's more like $4.77 after the dinky little dessert I got at the Hard Rock Cafe tonight with Galen and Laura. Some how at the ATM Galen hit a curb with the car.. this will become relevant later on.

I didn't eat breakfast or lunch.. just stayed in my cave and worked diligently. I didn't realize how hungry I was until it was 5 o'clock and I could smell Galen's mom cooking fajitas. I ate so much so fast. I have really appreciated the effort Galen's mom put into feeding us. She really puts a lot of care into every meal she has cooked. Something that I am so not used to.

After dinner we went to meet Laura at the Hard Rock Cafe. It seemed pretty silly that we wanted to go see a movie at first because that meant we would have to be quiet.. and we really just wanted to talk. On the way to downtown Houston we felt like the tire was fucked up and I stuck my head out of the window, wind whipping me in the face, to look at the thing. I said the tire had a bubble but Galen didn't believe me. Laura also had a little difficulty making it to the place and she initially called me to ask for directions... but two directionally challenged people did not make for success. I passed the phone to Galen where she then spent 45 minutes on the phone trying to find her... while I sat in the restaurant like a loner. Galen and I initially went in together, but because it was so loud and Laura needed help, she went outside. I.. sat alone in a booth for about 30 mins.. and the waitress asked me about 4 times.."Sweetie.. are you sure your friends are gonna show." I think she thought I got stood up on a date. 

So we got dessert at the Hard Rock and we all decided to be cheap and get the $3 mini dessert. It's a good thing too because I didn't have much more money.  Laura and I got the same chocolate caramel cheesecake thing.. and she felt slightly bad because she gave up sweets for lent.. but I reassured her that it was just a sweeter form of cheese so she was fine. Galen's dad then came to help change the tire. There was a big bubble in the tire just like I thought. It could have exploded at any given point. Galen left to help her dad, so Laura and I sat in the booth and talked for a while. Very nice conversation. Galen came back with dirty hands and said we had to go. Luckily Galen knew how to get us back to the parking garage because Laura and I surely didn't. We walked Laura to her car so she wouldn't get kidnapped. You never know. On our way down some guy asked me for directions to the Angelika.. I didn't really know what that was so I just pointed and did some hand motions in a direction that I thought may be correct.  

We then took some pictures and said goodbye. 

On our way home we got lost. We ended up in a super ritzy neighborhood with a guard driving around in a little golf cart. He must have been 80 yrs+. It was cute though.

Tomorrow we fly back. I hate airport security. I think I am going to try the spice cookie tomorrow on the flight home. I can't wait to sleep in my big bed for a night. I can't wait for Sunday. 

"To fall in love with God is the greatest of all romances; 
To seek him, the greatest adventure;
To find him, the greatest human achievement"

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Want Your Everything as Long as It's Free

Day 7: Galveston, TX

Today Galen and I ventured to Galveston for a nice, peaceful day at the beach. However, it didn't start too peaceful. First, Galen accidently was going a little fast and got a speeding ticket. It doesn't make sense though. But we made it to the beach and found ourselves a cute little place to lay out. It was a little windy so it made it slightly difficult to strip down but we did it anyway. As soon as we laid down and shut our eyes the seagulls just wouldn't shut up. We laid out for about an hour before we both got bored and started taking pictures which can be viewed on facebook. I love this feeling I am currently experiencing... a little burnt with wide and tired eyes. 

We then decided to go get lunch. It was fabulous. It was kind of expensive but totally worth it. Galen and I both got the complete meal. We started with bread and seasoned olive oil, then our tortilla soup. My meal then came out which was grilled shrimp alfredo. It was good.. I still have a hard time eating it though. I also tried a piece of Galen's salmon... I did like that though. Then our entertaining large black waiter came out with a tray of desserts. It was so hard to pick one. I played it safe and got the rich dark brownie with a scoop of bluebell icecream. So good. After lunch we went to the Strand. We didn't stay long. Somewhat dead. 

Tomorrow we are seeing a lot of people. We are going to see Alice in Wonderland with Laura. Should be a good time. I'm very excited for several reasons. 

I can't believe tomorrow is my last full day in Texas. It seems like we have been here for such a long time. Is it possible for it to feel like time has went by so fast but yet has drug along? I don't really know but what I do know is that I am very excited for sunday to come. 

What do you say to taking chances?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Come a little closer baby.. I feel like laying you down

Day 6: Clear Lake, TX & Houston TX

Today the day started out wonderful with a great breakfast at this cute little place. I had a great cheese and jalapeno omelet. We then left for the Rodeo at 12:30 pm...and have just now returned. What an eventful day. 

Upon arrival.. Galen and I went around into the Livestock show in Reliant stadium. Took some great pictures. We then found this amazing traveling candy store. If you know me at all... you know that I was in heaven when I saw this. We then looked at all the animals. I liked looking at the bunnies the best. I saw a cow for the first time today too. They are so cute when they are little. It makes me feel bad eating them. But whatev.. they are too good to not to. We then sat and watched these horses chase little baby cows out of the group. I found it sad.

Once it turned 5:30 we went and ate some good barbeque. I can not express the quality of the pulled pork sandwich that I devoured. It was amazing. We didn't stop there though... we then got fried shit. I got fried icecream. As you can see in the picture... the icecream is in the golden brown thing. It was like eating a donut filled with icecream. SO GOOD. Galen got fried Oreo's and her dad got a fried Twinki. Hopefully we all wake up in the morning. I guess wearing Michigan gear makes you popular. Several people have approached us or yelled GO BLUE.

After we ate we made our way to the Astrodome where the rodeo began. I haven't laughed so much in a while. The riders have a lot of talent...but also stupidity for doing something so dangerous..especially sometimes with no helmet! But it did make for quality entertainment. My favorite serious thing was the bull riding. However my favorite thing overall was when the little kids tried to catch a cow and when little 5 and 6 year olds tried to ride crazy sheep. This one poor little boy had the camera in his face as he is clenched to the sheep..already balling. The calf catchers were funny too.. one girl would not let go and held on by the tail.

The performer was Dierks Bentley. He was great. I loved a lot of his songs. I guess I do like country music. My favorite songs he played were "Come a Little Closer" and "I Wanna Make You Shut Your Eyes." Galen and I got to sit behind a huge group of popular kids in high school. We felt ooooh so honored. We made stories about all 40 of them. Most of the stories are true... or will be soon. The show however was great.

Tomorrow Galen and I are going to the beach in Galveston. I have decided to not take my cell phone. Most of this trip has been spent being readily available for anyone who may need me.. and for the most part I have been. But tomorrow I have decided to leave all forms of communication behind and just go back to basics. Hopefully get some thinking done under the sun. I can't wait to get some sun...and some Joe's Crab Shack. So people please... don't have an emergency serious enough tomorrow that would actually be necessary to get a hold of me.

I really hope that I get this thing. It would be wonderful. Everything is sent off and good. The way I look at it.. what's meant to be...will. 

"So maybe it's true
That I can't live without you
And maybe two is better than one
But there's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two is better than one"


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ma'am.. Can You Please Chop Me Up Some Jalapenos?

Day 5 Part III: Clear Lake, TX

So today Galen's family and I went to NASA. We got an awesome inside look at the bio mechanics lab. It was phenomenal to see all the thought process that goes into everything. I mean I know it's NASA and everything.. but all the small stuff you have to consider when just creating the suits and chairs is crazy. We actually got to try on a piece of a suit. It was so cool. We also got to get a full body scan. It was crazy to see my body in 3-D. I mean I know I see my body in 3-D every day.. but not in a picture. It was such an honor to be able to go inside NASA on a special tour. I felt so special. 

We then went to this great Mexican place for lunch. I had a good meal. Galen's dad's work friends are pretty funny. The one guy kept giving the waitress a hard time about the salsa not being hot enough. He eventually requested fresh cut Jalapenos. It was humorous. What was more humorous was when Galen some how ran into this ceramic pepper. It fell and shattered. Galen has been clutzy lately. Better her than me I suppose :P

Our plans are to go to the Rodeo tomorrow for the entire day. It should be a wonderful experience. I can't wait to eat a shit ton of fried everything. 

I hate Michigan cold.. but I can't wait to get back. I miss certain things.. people..


"I'm not a fan of flavored anything... flavored water.. flavored Vodka...flavored condoms.."
"You just had to throw that in there"

4 inches.... like my cock? Did I just say that out loud?

Day 5 Part II: Clear Lake, TX

So I totally forgot to mention.. at the sketch warehouse party at A&M, Galen and I were talking to some guy who was compllllleeeeetely gone, and we were saying how we got four inches of snow in Michigan. His response was.... "4 inches... like my cock?...Did I just say that out loud?..4 inches.. is that good?" 

Needless to say... we just walked away. 



Day 5: Clear Lake, TX

Had a shrimp today. For the first time.

That is all

Monday, March 1, 2010

Macs Do That

Day 4: Clear Lake, TX

Today has been super chill. We most certainly needed a down day after our fun weekend at A&M. It was nice to do nothing. Well we did homework. Now we are watching the wings game. They are doing well. 2-0. 

Tomorrow we are going on a tour of the biomechanics lab in NASA. I am super excited. 

Spoke too soon. Score now 2-1.

And Again... 2-2

..But we pull through... 3-2

Taylor Swift

I love Taylor Swift...and more importantly I love this song. Can you guess which one it is?