Friday, March 5, 2010

Angelika Please..?.. Up. Just Up.

Day 8: Clear Lake TX, Houston TX, Memorial St. TX

Today I woke up and my shoulder hurt really bad. I then sat around for a good portion of the day and finished up some homework so my time with my mom on Saturday and Sunday will be stress free. So I went to the ATM today.. checked my balance and I have $7.77 to my name. Now.. it's more like $4.77 after the dinky little dessert I got at the Hard Rock Cafe tonight with Galen and Laura. Some how at the ATM Galen hit a curb with the car.. this will become relevant later on.

I didn't eat breakfast or lunch.. just stayed in my cave and worked diligently. I didn't realize how hungry I was until it was 5 o'clock and I could smell Galen's mom cooking fajitas. I ate so much so fast. I have really appreciated the effort Galen's mom put into feeding us. She really puts a lot of care into every meal she has cooked. Something that I am so not used to.

After dinner we went to meet Laura at the Hard Rock Cafe. It seemed pretty silly that we wanted to go see a movie at first because that meant we would have to be quiet.. and we really just wanted to talk. On the way to downtown Houston we felt like the tire was fucked up and I stuck my head out of the window, wind whipping me in the face, to look at the thing. I said the tire had a bubble but Galen didn't believe me. Laura also had a little difficulty making it to the place and she initially called me to ask for directions... but two directionally challenged people did not make for success. I passed the phone to Galen where she then spent 45 minutes on the phone trying to find her... while I sat in the restaurant like a loner. Galen and I initially went in together, but because it was so loud and Laura needed help, she went outside. I.. sat alone in a booth for about 30 mins.. and the waitress asked me about 4 times.."Sweetie.. are you sure your friends are gonna show." I think she thought I got stood up on a date. 

So we got dessert at the Hard Rock and we all decided to be cheap and get the $3 mini dessert. It's a good thing too because I didn't have much more money.  Laura and I got the same chocolate caramel cheesecake thing.. and she felt slightly bad because she gave up sweets for lent.. but I reassured her that it was just a sweeter form of cheese so she was fine. Galen's dad then came to help change the tire. There was a big bubble in the tire just like I thought. It could have exploded at any given point. Galen left to help her dad, so Laura and I sat in the booth and talked for a while. Very nice conversation. Galen came back with dirty hands and said we had to go. Luckily Galen knew how to get us back to the parking garage because Laura and I surely didn't. We walked Laura to her car so she wouldn't get kidnapped. You never know. On our way down some guy asked me for directions to the Angelika.. I didn't really know what that was so I just pointed and did some hand motions in a direction that I thought may be correct.  

We then took some pictures and said goodbye. 

On our way home we got lost. We ended up in a super ritzy neighborhood with a guard driving around in a little golf cart. He must have been 80 yrs+. It was cute though.

Tomorrow we fly back. I hate airport security. I think I am going to try the spice cookie tomorrow on the flight home. I can't wait to sleep in my big bed for a night. I can't wait for Sunday. 

"To fall in love with God is the greatest of all romances; 
To seek him, the greatest adventure;
To find him, the greatest human achievement"

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