Sunday, February 28, 2010

Berkshire Bedding

Day 2 Part III: Texas A&M, College Station TX &
Day 3: Texas A&M, College Station TX

Last night we stayed at Stephen's dorm. We watched a really interesting show called Locked Up. It was about women in prison, and there was special coverage on the two women who developed a relationship while in prison. One of the two women was being released from prison, and she was sad to leave her prison lover behind. Heartbreaking. 

I possibly had the best night sleep ever. I slept in Stephen's roommates bed who had this super expensive Berkshire Bedding and a great mattress topper. To add to the pleasure Stephen had this nature alarm clock, and we went to bed listening to the ocean. It was so peaceful.. that is until my fiesta style ringtone broke the calmness. However once I saw who the caller was I was significantly less irritated. shortly after I slipped into a very peaceful sleep where I awoke this morning with the waves still going. Before we went to sleep though we all talked like 1o year old girls at a sleep over. I felt out of place though because I didn't have my retainer in... therefore I didn't have a slight lisp like stephen and galen. It was cute 8)

Stephen, Galen and I went and ate at this place called Layne's. It was rather good. Loved the toast and the sauce. We went back to Stephen's dorm where he got ready for his concert and left. Galen and I stayed behind. I again fell asleep in the magic Berkshire blankets. We later went to Stephen and Jessica's band concert. They were very good. It made me miss playing music. 

We are now back in Clear Lake watching "I Love You, Man." It is nice to finally relax for the first time since friday. 

All in all, I loved A&M. Makes me not want to go back to Michigan. But I know I have to... and I know there are reasons why I want to.  

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