Saturday, February 27, 2010

We're Like the Same Person.....

Day 2 Part I: Texas A&M, College Station TX

Today at A&M has been much more chill. We woke up a little late, around 11ish. It was a nice slow start to the day. Galen, Jessica, and I ate at this place called Fitzwilly's and I had probably the best chicken burger I have ever had. It was amazing. The place itself was really cool too. However there were a bunch of dead mounted animals.

While we were eating I commented on how different people are down here. Everyone just seems so approachable (except the bitter UT fans after the game) and it is so refreshing. Maybe it is just the sun or maybe it's the southern upbringing... whatever it is though I highly enjoy the pleasantness of people here at A&M. I can't say I am in any rush to get back to Michigan.

Galen's friend Jessica, who after this weekend I suppose can be considered my friend as well, we are basically the same person. We came to a conclusion that that is why Galen likes me so much.. because I remind her of Jessica. Some similarities we share are... 1)left handed, 2)play the oboe, 3)can get sloppy, 4) had a "friendly" first semester, 5)lightweights..... 6)...that have to be watched by Galen 7)settled down a bit this semester because of someone worth chilling out for,
8)have the same sheets from target, 9) can have some women encounters to deter creepers and 10) have a slight fetish for military name a few.

Jessica took us on a tour of A&M's campus.. and it was very very nice. Beautiful day and sunny. We laid out on this thing called the grassy nole. It felt great to feel real sun. A&M had an awesome upset in the UT game. We were yelled at by UT fans... that wasn't very nice. We also went shopping and I got a cute gray A&M shirt, and we all got matching A&M shot glasses. Later tonight we are going to an Acappellooza event here on campus. Should be a pleasant night. As of now we are leaving to go eat at this place called Freebirds. I was told it is the original one.


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