Monday, May 24, 2010

Back at Square One (not the big kahuna)

I want to create a visual. Lets start with this: somebody cuts you. Maybe on accident, maybe on purpose. Or, maybe not on purpose but for sure not on accident. But it is okay, because with time, wounds heal. Picture it, a cut healing. It bleeds a bit, then forms a scab, then eventually, new skin forms over top of it. Now, lets imagine that our cut is in the scab stage.. and it gets ripped off. It bleeds out and the healing process starts all over again. Now lets assume that you are so active that the scab is constantly getting ripped off.. it hurts and bleeds out every time.. until you eventually decide to stop doing whatever it is that makes this happen. I mean, so many things could go wrong in the healing process if you jump back in too quickly.. risk of infection, ugly scarring, itchiness, and pain. But it's so hard when you love something so much, to not do it even though you got hurt.  So maybe after a few times of leaving the wound open, you decide to cover it and treat it with some antibiotic ointment, and you get right back into action, this time with protection. For the first time.. after you finally start to treat your cut, it starts to heal, and you are back in the game. But then the same jerk who cut you in the first place decides to rip off the band aid and instead of just picking off the scab, picks up a knife and re-cuts the wound that has been reopened and healed so many times before...and before you know it, you're back at square one. 

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