Monday, May 31, 2010

Entertainment for the Lobster

As you all know, I have been a sun worshiper lately. My skin has turned a nice golden brown and I have been enjoying not looking like a ghost. Sadly, the first day at Lake Michigan I didn't get any additional color accept a little splotch of pink on my shoulders. Yesterday however, I got fried. My legs literally felt as if they were on fire as soon as I got out of the sun. My face was blood red, and I was hopeful that it would go away come today. However, as I was flipping around in my bed last night, I forgot how bad the burn was and landed in pain every time. I woke up this morning completely sick to my stomach, a fever of 102, a sniffly nose, and felt as if my entire body had been skinned. My legs and face still have a surface temperature of 105 and still look completely blood red. I haven't had this bad of a burn since the British Virgin Islands, 2004, when I had a horrible case of sun poisioning. 

So now I am thankful that this Memorial Day is sucky because I am stuck in bed, pushing the fluids with my legs wrapped in cool, but dry dressings. Taking a shower was probably the worst idea I have had in a while, seeing how blisters formed shortly thereafter. I am so bored and I hate just laying in bed. Your entertainment is and would be greatly appreciated.

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