Friday, May 7, 2010

Can't Have Your Cake....

Everything you decide to do is what you want to do, there is nothing anyone has to do. One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that when you are at a loss of what to do, you should do nothing until you figure out exactly what the next plan of action should be. Because fact is, sometimes you feel as if you are pressed up against the wall, and you have to make a decision. You never have to do anything. Don't know what to do? Do nothing. Wait it out. 

There is only so much more tugging on my heart I can take. I don't know left from right, up from down, and right from wrong when it comes to this situation. I am just at a loss of which step is the right one. There is only so much I can give without receiving anything in return before I run out of supply. I can't be there for everyone when they need me, and pushed to the side when the tables are turned. I can't be there when it's convenient and forgotten when better plans arise. No one can have their cake, and eat it too. 

I have faith that God can heal anything. 

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