Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Creepin' Up

It's hard when so many things around you make you want to use. It could be something as simple as hearing a song, finding an old t-shirt, coming across a picture, or even just laying in bed. It doesn't matter what you do, how hard you try, if you really stop thinking about the hectic life around you.. it'll creep up. It'll slowly enter your conscious and sooner than you know it, it's all you can think about. Why is it so easy one moment, but so hard the next? And why is it so easy to go from one to the other. Even though you are aware of the reality that you are an addict, and that you need the drug, not the other way around, you can't hope that maybe someday.... it will need you. 

To go completely off topic, I never thought I would grow so attached to "aquacise." It has become the highlight of my week. The old women are just so happy to see me, and I got to help instruct the class today. However, if I take one thing from this class it's this: do not talk to anyone over the age of 65 about politics. You will not win. 

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